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Why Join The American Legion?

  • The American Legion is an organization dedicated to providing support to our troops, family members, and our veterans. We have made a commitment to offer our services wherever and in whatever capacity they are needed.

Officer's Corner

officer photo

Welcome to American Legion Post 649 of Castro Valley Web site. My name is Larry Ames, Commander.

At this time, I would like to welcome all new members to the Post and pass along our warmest regards to the families that have lost their loved ones this past year. We are here to help, so feel free to contact a member at any time.

Check out our Post Calendar for details on upcoming events.

Our goal as always is to recruit new members and to take care of veterans in need. In order to accomplish this, we need the help of all current members to recruit and to let the Post know of anyone that needs help. In addition, we need to have fund raisers and that requires the help of members of the Post. We can attain our goals by talking to people we know and maybe getting businesses to donate to our Post. We also have various items for sale to help the Post meet its needs.

A SUCESSFUL POST IS ONE THAT IS ACTIVE — we need all your help to keep Post 649 successful.  Don’t forget that we are an organization of Veterans helping Veterans, so if you know of someone in need, pass the information to one of the post officers.

Larry Ames, Commander
American Legion Post 649
Castro Valley

Note: Contributions are 100% tax deductible in accordance with Section 501 (c) (19) of IRS Code (Exemption #94–6101583).

Thank you for your support!



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    New Flag Dropoff Mailbox

    Located in Castro Village Shopping Center

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    Boy's State

    Since 1937, the American Legion has proudly sponsored a program for High School boys nationwide who are in their third (junior) year. Boy's State teaches these young men the duties, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship. The California Boy's State is conducted during one week in June each year on the campus of California State University, Sacramento. American Legion Post 649 participates by sponsoring at least three young men from Castro Valley High School and Redwood Christian High School.

    Boy's State is a program of education. It is a course in practical Americanism. It is a course in civics, the purpose of which is to teach the youth of high school age that there is nothing wrong with our form of government, that it has not outworn its usefulness.

    At Boy's State each delegate, as he registers, is assigned a city, and thereafter he is a resident of that city. He lives in that city area. From 35 to 50 delegates are assigned to each city. All the cities in one dormitory constitute one county. The five counties constitute the State. The delegates are equally divided into political parties, not Republican and Democrat, but Federalist and Whig — so the delegates may see how political parties function under our form of government. The delegates develop their own party platform and make their own controversial issues. All of their Governmental activities, whether city, county, or State, are carried on according to the California State Constitution and the existing laws of the State of California. The delegates are guided by counselors who are attorneys.

    The purpose of Boy's State is achieved by having each participant learn by doing. From this practical school of government, the delegates learn the part each can play under our system of government so that each can run for office, can vote for the candidate of his choice, and can have a voice and be a part of shaping the policies of his government.

    Although there is ample time for recreation, Boy's State is not a picnic, not an outing, not a recreational camp. However, recreation is not forgotten. Athletic activities are scheduled from 4:15p to 6:00p each day.

    We, as members of American Legion Post 649, are proud to be a part of California Boy's State.

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    Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

    Our very own Mickey, WWII veteran, attended the 69th anniversary Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration and Dedication of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center in Oahu, HI on December 7, 2010

    See photos »

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    Post 649 Turns 60

    Novemeber 28, 1950 Valley Legion Post Receives Charter; Members Initiated, Officers Installed.

    Now it's official. The recently-formed Castro Valley American Legion post 649 has its charter.

    Formal presentation was made at ceremonies for the installation of officers and initiation of members held Monday night in the Castro Valley school auditorium.

    Twenty charter members of the new organization were initiated following explanation of the symbols and purpose of the American Legion by the Voiture 257, 40 et 8, installation team headed by Commander Al Mathebat.

    Harry Allen, installed as commander of the Castro Valley post, received the organization's charter in a presentation by William Johnston of San Francisco, second area department vice-commander.

    Operator of a donut shop on Castro Valley boulevard, Commander Allen is a veteran of World War I. His election to the high post came after Oliver Larrivee, who served as temporary commander, was called back into the service.

    Other officers installed were the following: George Manchester, first vice-commander. Robert Locke, second vice-commander. Thomas Hewitt, adjutant. Al Flynn, finance officer. Lee Argo, historian. Harold Brokee, chaplain. Tenny Walton, sergeant-at-arms.

    Music for the ceremonies was provided by the band of Alameda post 9, directed by Harold Drosethes, and a four-man color guard of Alameda post 292 presented the colors. Additional entertainment was furnished by students of Arlyne Gladden's School of Dance. Their "Kiddies' Revue" consisted of a series of dance numbers by children from 3 to 11 years old. Following the entertainment, refreshments were served in the school cafeteria, where music was provided by the Bow Tie Trio, made up of Bob Enos, Keith Rockwell, and Charles Borgstede.

    See First Charter Roster »